The Roots Foundation

“Luciana has always been very responsive, adaptable and delivers in a timely fashion. In addition to her excellent design skills, she is professional and very easy to work with.

Collaboration is important, understanding our goals as well - in both cases, she exhibits a very professional level of skill.

Without any reservation, I recommend Luciana. As a matter of fact, I have engaged her services for a separate project, unrelated to The Roots Foundation. That project, too, is going very well.

Finally, in a world of supercharged pricing from web design services, Luciana is fair and affordable.”

Mark Rosenstein, Executive Director

“I highly recommend Luciana. She was very easy to work with, listened to all of our ideas and produced unique work that told our story beautifully.”

Debra Kiliru, Director of Engagement

Luciana Diehl